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produce your own social media and information garment

Purchase the tie today and £2 goes straight to charity!

Laminate Tie Sleeve
Printed Tieme design example
Corona Tie Statement

produce your own social media and information garment

Laminate Tie Sleeve
Printed Tieme design example

Purchase the tie today and £2 goes straight to charity!

Welcome and thank you

Thank you for considering the information garment we call TieMe – Your customisable tie!

A necktie is a rather foolish and unnecessary garment. But maybe it has value if it conveys something interesting – and better still something smart and funny! 

By and large we dress to impress

Women – would you like to be smart and funny too? 

We have draft designs for a ladies scarf version – please let me know – a@tieme.me if this would be of interest and we will get a ‘wriggle on’ and show you what we think should work. Anyone who writes in ahead of production will get £2 off! Thanks for engaging with this invention – we really appreciate it!

We are not what we wear…




Just a mum




A mess

…But what we chose to wear does say something

Please note all examples are for illustrative purposes only and are intended to inspire creativity and showcase the potential marketing benefits of our product. Please email a@tieme.me for more information.


This is not for everyone !

  • are an early adopter
  • are interested in other people
  • are smarter than average
  • are funnier than most
  • are creative and vaguely tech savvy
  • have something to say
  • like challenging the norm
  • are an extrovert

Please don't buy if...

What happens when you wear a tie that is smart and funny?

  • To understand the science behind the reactions you will get – we can reliably lean on old understanding of our grasp of innovation. It’s also applies to folk who notice, appreciate and are prepared to respond to a novel, interesting tie comment. These people will normally like you more.
Florettes tie design

The science behind the reactions

Personally I’m not a big FB or linked in person. “Net friends” aren’t solid enough for me – wearing your news on a tie actually triggers REAL CONVERSATIONS with real people who you deal with every day. If you don’t like real interactions please don’t wear a tie with something engaging on it.

Not put off yet?

The TieMe Kit allows you to create a single tie. You can also purchase additional packs of 25 perforated sheets. 

How it all works

  • 1. Do you have a printer?
  • 2. Can you use PowerPoint?
  • 2. Select product + charity
  • 3. Make your payment
  • 5. Download template and design ties while you wait
  • 6. Box arrives through the post
  • 7. Print and construct your tie
  • 8. Wear and start conversations